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Get the tips and tricks of giving an impressive public speech or presentation. We bring you an online store exclusively for providing writing assistance and materials for public speeches and presentations. You can get any type of speeches, the current formats, good introductions, event topics, soft skill training material, PowerPoint presentations and lot more.


Your online treasure of oratory resources



Our easy-to-access and user-friendly website is a complete database of speech content reference. You can search for your materials in the following categories:


  • Social speeches
  • Educational speeches
  • Healthcare programs
  • Motivational speeches
  • Business development materials
  • Keynote addresses, valedictory and thanksgiving speeches
  • Soft skill training tools and grammar education
  • IT recruitment sample question papers
  • Training videos on public speech and teaching skill improvement
  • Research proposals and
  • PowerPoint presentations

The main categories are further expanded to include structure construction, popular examples, and a forum of self-assessment by our panel of orators. The forum enables you to get opinion and modifications on the event materials. You can make PowerPoint presentations using our set of templates which include the standard formats for formal occasions. You can also design your own templates using the template design tools. We welcome you to give your valuable feedbacks and inputs in the review section.


Accessing our materials: Sign up using your email id and a unique profile password. You will be given a user ID which can be used for further communication with us. Create a personal profile on the website to view, save, edit and create the resources. Not able to find the material you were searching for? Send us your question through the website and you will hear from us soon. Take a glance at our website and you cannot restrain yourself from signing up.


P.S: We do not run training centers or on-site classes.